Georgia’s Heavy Truck Traffic Has Claimed Several More Lives

With its intense traffic congestion and high volume of long-haul shipping trucks, Georgia is a dangerous place to be a driver, passenger, or pedestrian. Right now, as businesses reopen and more people return to the roads, the frequency of fatal tractor-trailer accidents is also returning to its usual tragic level.

“Spaghetti Junction” Can Be as Dangerous as It Is Frustrating

The pictures that have been circulating recently of a fatal two-truck crash on Spaghetti Junction represent just one of a long series of deaths related to the second-worst traffic bottleneck in the country. This well-named interchange funnels together commercial and commuter vehicles and forces them to compete over complicated lane changes in a short space of time and road, leading to costly misjudgments.

In a separate incident in February of this year, a tanker truck crashed on Spaghetti Junction and exploded on impact, killing its own driver and at least one other. Though obviously less important than the loss of life, each truck accident that occurs on this overloaded traffic interchange also costs thousands of person-hours in delays for individuals and businesses alike.

The Presence of Large Trucks Makes Other Drivers’ Mistakes Deadlier

Although easily the worst, Spaghetti Junction is by no means the only place in Georgia where the volume of truck traffic causes serious problems. Truckers don’t even have to do anything wrong for a high ratio of trucks to endanger people. For example, in May, a 67-year-old woman tried to enter a left turn lane in Douglas County, sideswiped another car, and crashed into the back of a big rig, which subsequently struck the back of another car. The woman who initiated the collision did not survive.

It’s not clear exactly what led to the accident, whether the deceased simply forgot to check her blind spot or whether there might have been other factors involved, but if the vehicle she stuck hadn’t been a big rig, her chances of survival would have been much higher. Because large trucks make up such a large portion of Georgia’s traffic, this probable lapse in concentration, which could have resulted in vehicle damage and minor injuries, instead became a death sentence.

Inattentive Truck Drivers Can Cause Death with the Slightest Move

Of course, truck drivers also have lapses in concentration, and when they do, they’re much more likely to cause serious harm to others than the drivers of smaller vehicles are.

Also in May, another woman in her sixties was obeying the law and maintaining her lane in Montezuma, when a big rig struck the side of her vehicle. She had to be airlifted to a hospital, where she died of her injuries. A week later, in Milledgeville, another big rig turned right without noticing a motorcyclist in the right lane. The motorcyclist died at the scene.

These deaths and so many more are the result of Georgia’s roads being used for commercial purposes they have not been sufficiently maintained or upgraded to support.

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