Your Car’s Interior Temperature Can Rise 20 Degrees in 10 Minutes

Your Car’s Interior Temperature Can Rise 20 Degrees in 10 Minutes

You read that right. Your vehicle’s internal temperature can rise by nearly 20 degrees in 10 minutes. This is a serious safety hazard for any children who are inside the vehicle.

Every parent has worried about whether they might leave their child in the car in a moment of forgetfulness. It’s such an easy mistake to make that a parent could easily let it happen before they realize what they did. Fortunately, however, a handful of technologies are on the way that have the potential to end this problem forever.

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Children Can Die or Be Permanently Harmed in Hot Cars

In the average year, 37 children die in hot cars across the United States. Although these deaths tend to happen in the summer months, they can happen in much cooler weather situations. For example, a 1-year-old boy died in a pickup truck in April 2017, on a day when the temperature was only 68 degrees.

The inside of a vehicle can heat up much faster than the conditions outside would lead you to expect. The interior of a car can heat up by nearly 20 degrees in as little as 10 minutes. Heatstroke begins when an individual’s core temperature rises to 104 degrees, and an internal temperature of 107 can lead to permanent damage. Young children are particularly vulnerable, because their bodies heat up at three to five times the rate of adult bodies.

Technologies May Solve the Problem Soon

Because of the seriousness of this problem, the NSC is backing some projects that hope to put an end to this problem in the near future:

  • Rear seat reminder: The rear seat reminder will alert drivers to check the rear seat in situations where the AI determines there may be a child in the back seat. (This includes situations where the back doors are opened and closed while the vehicle is running, etc.) Several GM models are already equipped with rear seat reminder.
  • Car Seat Technology: This will be a chest clip that will be a part of the child’s car seat, which will emit a series of tones to remind the driver that there’s a child in the rear seat.

What To Do If You’ve Been Injured

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