A spinal cord injury is a catastrophic injury. When such an injury is caused by the reckless actions of another person, the victim deserves justice and compensation.

Pursuing a civil case requires strategy and a deep knowledge of Georgia law. A Marietta spinal cord injury lawyer has both — and more. They also bring a compassionate presence to victims as they lead them through the legal process.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Examples of negligent acts that can cause permanent harm.

The spinal cord performs a critical bodily function regarding movement and sensation. When injured, many patients experience some form of paralysis.

The types of negligence that can result in a spinal cord injury include:

A loss of mobility leads to more than using a wheelchair or power chair. Home modifications are also an essential and costly need for spinal cord injury victims. Any costly changes relating to your care and new, necessary needs are ones you should not pay. A spinal cord injury caused by the negligent actions of another person makes them liable for your growing expenses.

Drivers and property owners, among others, owe those around them a duty of care. Breach of that duty is negligence and why victims deserve a fair settlement for their damages.

Why Choose Us for Your Georgia Civil Case?

The Stoddard Firm fights for victims of negligence.

Professional and hard-working are just two words to describe The Stoddard Firm. Each member of our team provides focus and determination for the clients they serve.

Our formula is simple:

  • We maintain a small caseload.
  • We spend extensive time and resources fact-finding to uncover the truth.
  • We invest substantial energy and money to show what happened and how the event impacted the client’s life.

Choosing the right attorney for your spinal cord injury claim is a crucial decision. At The Stoddard Firm, we stand by you and stand up to insurance companies. We always fight for fair compensation and never ask clients to settle for less than they deserve. Having one of our attorneys by your side protects you from unfair settlement offers.

Our attorneys are seasoned in the art of negotiations. We quickly spot insurance company tactics designed to confuse victims of negligence. Let us protect your best interests. Schedule your free consultation with The Stoddard Firm today.

How We Help Marietta Spinal Cord Victims

Your attorney manages every detail of your case.

As civil attorneys, we study incidents of negligence from every angle. We review all evidence thoroughly as we methodically build your case for compensation.

While compensation is never promised nor guaranteed, it is worth pursuing. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that want to pay victims as little as possible. Some insurance companies may blame you for your devastating injury.

The following is a small sample of the types of work we do on behalf of victims of negligence:

  • Gather and review police reports or store incident reports
  • Examine accident scene photographs and video
  • Contact and interview witnesses, review prior statements
  • File necessary court documents promptly and accurately.

A civil case is legally complex and time-consuming. The life-altering impact of your spinal cord injury does not afford you the time or focus your case needs. By placing your spinal cord injury case in our hands, you can rest better knowing we are at work for you.

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A spinal cord injury is a devastating injury that demands accountability. If your injury resulted from someone else’s negligence, seek help from a Marietta spinal cord injury lawyer today.

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Spinal Cord Injury FAQs

Common questions regarding Marietta spinal cord injury cases

A spinal cord injury is devastating enough. When caused by the reckless actions of another person, such an injury can leave you with more questions than answers. The following questions are among the most commonly asked. Victims can use these FAQs to start their civil case journey:

Q: How long does a spinal cord injury case take?

A: The length of your case depends upon various factors, such as whether your case goes to trial. Securing the best possible outcome of your case is imperative, regardless of how long it takes.  That said, as a quick approximation, you can assume it will take eighteen to twenty four months before the case is ready for trial.  Typically the insurance company makes offers at that time, and it would be your choice as to whether to take that offer or go to trial.

Q: What types of damages are included in a spinal cord injury claim?

A: A spinal cord injury attorney typically pursues such damages as medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Medical costs often include current and ongoing medical needs, such as rehabilitation and therapies.

Q: Will my spinal injury case go to trial?

A: Many personal injury cases are settled outside of court. However, the best way to secure a favorable settlement is to prepare your case as if it is going to trial.  We certainly do that, and if you want to try the case, we are happy to do so.  Whether to go to trial is your decision, but we do sometimes encourage you to go to trial because we believe the offer is too low.

Q: How long do I have to pursue a spinal cord injury lawsuit?

A: The Georgia statute of limitations for a personal injury lawsuit is typically two years. That said, the statute of limitations can be longer or shorter depending on the circumstances.  For example, to bring suit against government entities, notice must sometimes be filed as quickly as six months.  On the other end of the spectrum, there are sometimes exceptions that “stay” or “pause” the running of the statute of limitations such that there is longer than two years to file.

A spinal cord injury is overwhelming, leaving victims little or no time to manage their claim alone. A free consultation with a Marietta spinal cord injury lawyer can provide you with the questions you need to have answered.

Marietta Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

The Stoddard Firm is ready to get to work for you.

At The Stoddard Firm, we work hard on your case so you can focus on your recovery. Timely communication as developments arise is just part of how we serve you.

No spinal cord injury victim harmed by negligence should pay out-of-pocket for expenses caused by someone else’s carelessness. A spinal cord injury’s financial impact can reach millions throughout a patient’s lifetime. That is unfair and unmanageable for most victims.

Help is available. A free consultation with The Stoddard Firm is a vital first step in your journey to justice. It is an honor to listen to your story and learn how your injury has affected your life. Schedule your free consultation with The Stoddard Firm today. Call 470-467-2200.

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