It’s Child Abuse Prevention Month—How You Can Take Part

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, sponsored by the National Office of Prevent Child Abuse America. But even though 87 percent of American adults believe that child abuse and neglect are a serious and preventable problem, only one in four reported helping with child abuse prevention.

The good news is that many more Americans help prevent child abuse without realizing it. This can include monetary support for organizations that prevent child abuse, volunteering, mentoring, or even babysitting for overburdened families. This year, Prevent Child Abuse America is working on its “Help Great Childhoods Happen” campaign. This article will help you find just a few ways you can help out.

Help Great Childhoods Happen Digital Campaign

The Help Great Childhoods Happen Campaign is intended to keep people informed about Child Abuse Prevention month and all the progress that is being made to prevent child abuse.

Much of the campaign is taking place on social media, where you can show your support through posting invites to events and raising awareness about the month. You can find a post calendar for the month and show your support that way on Facebook and Twitter. There is also a Twibbon campaign, where you can show your support on your social media profile picture.

Wear Blue Day

On April 6, people across the country contributed to Wear Blue Day as a way of showing support for child abuse prevention. Through wearing blue in solidarity with others and using the #WearBlue hashtag, supporters across the country drew attention to the progress being made in the fight against child abuse.

Many people also shared their stories of how they help mentor children, advocate child-friendly policies, and spend time helping children in the community. This served as an inspiration for other people to get involved with Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Pinwheels and Pinwheel Gardens

The pinwheel is a symbol of child abuse prevention. Whether through showing support with a single pinwheel or setting up pinwheel gardens, people across the country can contribute to child abuse prevention in a visible way that will inspire others to do the same.

Get in touch with your local Prevent Child Abuse America chapter to find out more about how you can get pinwheels. With your generous purchase of pinwheels, you contribute to services that help prevent and reduce child abuse and neglect right here in Georgia.

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