Road fatalities in the United States rose for the second consecutive year in 2017.  This increase is due, in part, to cell phone usage and distracted driving. In particular, texting while driving is a serious danger, contributing to a 5.6 percent increase in road deaths in the United States between 2015 and 2017.

According to the official statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), mobile phones cause only 1.4 percent of traffic deaths, but many activists who work to prevent the deadly rise of distracted driving believe these figures are inaccurate. These activists argue that the true figure is probably closer to 4 or 5 percent, and the disparity is caused by the difficulty in confirming that the accident was a result of texting while driving.
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If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of a distracted driver, you may be entitled to a settlement or damages for personal injury.

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The Distracted Driving Problem in Georgia

While traffic deaths have risen by 5.6 percent nationwide, the spike in road fatalities in Georgia has been even sharper. Between 2014 and 2016, highway fatalities in Georgia rose by a third, and as a result, there has been a growing push for the state government to take action on the distracted driving problem.

In early January 2018, Smyrna became the first city in the state to pass a hands-free driving law. The law requires drivers to keep their phones out of their hands while driving within city limits. Law enforcement officers and others have criticized the law for being difficult to enforce—because the law allows “one touch” for purposes like navigating GPS or answering a phone call. These officers argue that the law as written is unenforceable, because it’s so difficult for an officer to tell whether someone is answering a phone call or texting, for example.

Lawmakers in Smyrna hope their new law will put pressure on the state government to pass a distracted driving law for all of Georgia. They hope this new legislation will help keep drivers in Georgia safe.

How Can We Reduce Distracted Driving?

Aside from government legislation, phone and car manufacturers are also working on a set of new features that will be able to reduce the amount of distracted driving deaths.

Phone manufacturers have released a set of features and apps that reduce the urge to answer the phone. Most of these features and apps have roughly the same functions. Apple’s new Do Not Disturb While Driving mode (DND) blocks notifications from incoming calls and texts while your car is in motion. Most other phone manufacturers have similar apps available, along with some more involved applications aimed at reducing distracted driving among teens.

Auto manufacturers have a few new automated features that will reduce the risk of accidents from distracted driving. These features include Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, and Lane Keeping Assist. While some argue that these features only enable drivers to get by with paying less attention to the road, early indications seem to be that these features will help reduce accident frequency, including truck accidents. If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle accident, consider seeking legal assistance from an experienced Atlanta, GA motorcycle accident law firm.

Preventing Distracted Driving

It’s good that the government and the manufacturers are working on the problem. Of course, the best solution is for individual drivers to resist the urge of checking their phones and becoming distracted. It can be annoying to have a notification waiting, but it’s not worth the risk to check that notification while driving.

What to do if you’ve been injured in an accident

If you or a loved one is injured in an auto accident, you should first seek medical attention. You should also make sure you contact authorities. If your injuries were the result of neglect by another party, you should seek legal assistance. The personal injury lawyers at Stoddard Firm have years of experience handling accident cases, and we even offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. Call us at 678-RESULTS.

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