What Industries Have the Most Wrongful Death Claims?

Some industries are much more dangerous for workers than others. When workers die on the job, survivors may sue if negligence contributed to the death. So, what industries have the most wrongful death claims? It’s probably no surprise that construction tops the list. Others include transportation and warehousing, agriculture and fishing, and mining and extraction.


The number of annual deaths in construction is truly alarming. In a recent year, there were 1,069 fatal work injuries. Construction sites are rife with hazards. Workers can fall from heights, be injured by heavy equipment, and face numerous other risks. If you lost a family member, a construction accident lawyer can investigate the reason and advise you about filing a wrongful death claim.

Transportation and Warehousing

Transportation and warehousing follows closely after construction in fatal accidents. For the same reported year as construction, 1,053 people died. Motor vehicle accidents, falls, being struck by forklifts and other equipment are some of the main causes of fatalities. If safety regulations were not observed, employers can be held liable for worker deaths.

Agriculture and Fishing

There is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to agricultural safety. Hundreds die from tractor rollovers and other hazards. Fishing claims dozens of lives each year, statistics show. If negligence by employers or third parties is the cause, survivors can sue for compensation.

Mining and Extraction

Coal mining is an especially risky business in the mining industry. Cave-ins, fires, and poisonous gas exposure are not uncommon. When it comes to oil and gas extraction, being crushed or caught between equipment accounts for three out of five on-site fatalities. Employers who do not take safety seriously at the risk of lives should be held accountable.

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