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Can I Sue My Trafficker Even Though He Is in Prison?

The short answer is yes, you can sue a human trafficker, or indeed anyone who has harmed you with their negligent or illegal behavior, while they are incarcerated. There is no law preventing you from doing so, and there’s plenty of precedent for it. In fact, 80 survivors of Nxivm, the sex cult and alleged pyramid scheme that until recently was passing for an elite self-help group, are currently suing founder Keith Raniere for compensation. Their complaints range from sexual coercion to monetary fraud. Raniere has been sentenced to 120 years for a variety of charges relating to Nxivm, sex trafficking included. The suit was filed about six months after the conviction, and neither one cancels out the other. Civil and criminal law work separately…

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Carl Ferrer of Backpage Has Pled Guilty, But What About Lacey and Larkin?

Carl Ferrer, CEO of the infamous adult ad website, Backpage, has pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to facilitate prostitution, as well as three counts of money laundering. The money laundering was apparently an attempt to hide the true source of Backpage’s income from banks that would otherwise have refused to handle it. As part of his plea, Ferrer has also agreed to cooperate with the investigation and prosecution of the companies’ two founders, Michael Lacy and James Larkin. Ferrer’s guilty plea came within a week of the FBI’s seizure and shuttering of the company, and its raids of Lacy and Larkin’s homes in Arizona. Both Lacey and Larkin, along with five Backpage employees, are now facing charges of their own for facilitating prostitution….

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Can I Bring a Sexual Assault Case Anonymously?

Survivors of sexual assault are often hesitant to come forward and assert their legal rights, and understandably so. Court proceedings can be invasive, particularly when sex crimes are involved, being a known survivor of sexual assault can carry harmful stigmas, and perpetrators and their legal counsel will typically do their best to discredit and demonize survivors who speak out. Many survivors also face ongoing threats of violence after the incident in question. One of the legal tools survivors can use to address this problem is a motion to proceed anonymously. Plaintiffs Can Be Granted Pseudonyms Under Specific Circumstances Generally, court proceedings are a matter of public record, and all parties to a case must be named under Rule 10 of the Federal Rules for Civil…

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New Federal Standards Leave Private School Students as Vulnerable as Ever to Sexual Assault

The Secretary of Education has recently announced new changes to Title IX, a set of standards originally instituted to protect students from sexual assault and harassment in schools. In spite of many schools’ protestations that they won’t be able to institute the changes in time, while also changing school operations to address contagion risks, the new standards are set to take effect on August 14th. The Latest Changes to Title IX Discourage Sexual Assault Reporting Advocacy groups for sexual assault survivors, and for women’s equal access to education, object to the latest changes to Title IX for two excellent reasons. Firstly, schools regulated under Title IX can now institute a higher burden of proof before taking action against a student accused of sexual assault. Previously,…

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Atlanta’s Hotels Are a Haven for Child Sex Traffickers

Ever since the publication of the Urban Institute’s 2014 report on the illegal sex trade, the city of Atlanta has been trying to shake the unofficial title of “Sex Trafficking Capitol of the U.S.” Although it would take more research into the nationwide issue of sex trafficking to prove that Atlanta’s share of it is in fact the worst, the report did reveal Atlanta’s sex trafficking problem to be far larger than most locals would ever have guessed. As of 2007, the illegal sex industry was worth an estimated $290 million within Atlanta alone.   Both adults and children, male and female, are at risk of sex trafficking, but adolescent girls are particularly vulnerable. According to the Center for Public Policy Studies, about 374 underage…