Top Atlanta Resources for Escaping or Recovering from Sex Trafficking

As a law firm specializing in civil litigation, The Stoddard Firm tends to discuss issues like sex trafficking in terms of liability. However, we recognize that the litigation process is slow, and for many people facing sex trafficking, the idea of filing a lawsuit may seem impossibly distant and abstract.

In this post, we’ll instead highlight just a few of the resources available to people in the Atlanta area who need immediate help avoiding, escaping, or healing from sex trafficking.

General, Non-Denominational Assistance

If you have a limited opportunity to call for help and don’t have time to figure out what you’re eligible for based on age, gender, location, etc., call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 to be connected with a vetted organization that’s appropriate for you.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and prefer to weigh your options yourself, you might want to consider Wellspring Living, which offers a 13-month live-in program for women and minors 12 and up. Their services include therapy, medical care, educational support, and skill-building for independence.

Georgia Cares and youthSpark also offer programs for minors of all genders, both those escaping sex trafficking and those at risk for it. Georgia Cares has licensed social workers who can assess individual needs, while youthSpark has a program tailored to at-risk LGBTQ youth. Both have a strong focus on non-discrimination and accessibility.

The Devereux Center also has a program in Georgia for girls and women aged 10-21 who have been affected by sex trafficking. This option takes a more medical angle, focusing on treatment for PTSD, substance abuse, and other common medical after-effects.

Christian Faith-Based Programs

Survivors who welcome the idea of being part of a close Christian community and incorporating spirituality into their recovery process have a multitude of options to choose from.

Adult women can call the emergency hotline for Out of Darkness, a branch of the Atlanta Dream Center, to be picked up and transported immediately to a safehouse, where they can receive mentoring, substance abuse counseling, coaching on health and goals, and opportunities to address their feelings.

Underage survivors, both girls and boys, can call a similar emergency hotline with Street Grace, and boys in particular are welcome at The Buddy House.

Beloved Atlanta and Haven ATL (a branch of The Salvation Army) also provide rehabilitation services to women affected by sex trafficking, although they do not have direct emergency lines.

Help for Immigrants and Refugees

Immigrants to the U.S, both documented and undocumented, are at particular risk of exploitation, and there are some organizations that focus exclusively on this issue.

Tapestri protects immigrants and refugees of all ages and genders from domestic violence and human trafficking, and has rescue hotlines for both.

The Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network (GAIN) also serves immigrants affected by these issues, but instead of rescue intervention, they offer legal assistance. In particular, they help victims of crime and persecution gain asylum and other legal protections. This is different from the civil litigation the Stoddard Firm specializes in.

The Stoddard Firm wishes you freedom and safety. When and if you feel ready to pursue the compensation you deserve from those who’ve exploited you in the past, we’re here to take your call.

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