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Spinal stimulation technology has existed for decades to help relieve pain from spinal cord injuries. Yet, in spite of the success of this medical advancement, many patients know little to nothing about spinal cord stimulators until their doctors suggest that they consider getting one as a pain management tool.

Survivors of car accidents, falls, violent acts, and other incidents who are hoping to cover their medical expenses through a liability settlement then find themselves in a particularly daunting position. Not only must they decide whether a spinal cord stimulator is right for them, but if the answer is yes, they must then justify their need for one to insurance companies or juries.

At The Stoddard Firm, we are devoted to helping injury victims access whatever medical treatment they need to optimize their recovery, including spinal cord stimulators.

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Why Choose the Stoddard Firm?

Our attorneys are passionate about helping people with spinal injuries get the full compensation they need for medical care. Toward this end, we have won millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, which you can read about on our results page.

Matt Stoddard, the firm’s founder, has unique insight into personal injury law and big insurance from both sides. He once defended large corporations against injury claims. Since starting his firm over a decade ago, he has focused exclusively on helping injury victims take on the types of defendants he once assisted. You can count on Matt and the entire team of attorneys at our firm to give your case the serious attention it deserves.

Not all lawyers have experience representing clients who have or could benefit from spinal cord stimulators. But because The Stoddard Firm focuses on catastrophic injury cases, we frequently handle multiple spinal cord stimulator cases at the same time.  We are skilled in holding insurance companies accountable for paying for spinal stimulators. We are also very comfortable with litigating spinal cord injuries and injuries caused by defective stimulators.

Our lawyers are responsive, hardworking, and unafraid to fight as hard as is necessary for people injured by negligence or violence.

How We Can Help You

The Stoddard Firm Works with World-Class Experts to Get Our Clients the Coverage They Need

One of the most important tools in obtaining appropriate compensation for difficult-to-understand injuries, like nerve pain, is expert testimony. We regularly work with a range of renowned medical experts who can explain your individual medical condition, including the cause, severity, and persistence of your pain, in objective terms that insurers, judges, and juries respect. We also have relationships with experts on spinal stimulation as a pain management technique, who can explain why a spinal cord stimulator is uniquely suited to restore your quality of life.

In addition to establishing your need for a spinal cord stimulator, we will also make sure the insurance company or court understands the lasting effect your accident will continue to have on your life, even with spinal stimulation. We want your compensation to accurately reflect the full extent of your practical and emotional losses.

How Does a Spinal Cord Stimulator Work?

A spinal cord stimulator is a medical implant consisting of a power source and a set of thin electrodes, which are threaded between the patient’s vertebrae and spinal cord. By administering a small electrical charge, the stimulator can partially block pain signals before they reach the patient’s brain. Patients can activate their devices by remote control when they feel a pain flare-up, and the frequency and intensity of the charge can be tuned to an individual patient’s nervous system.

Good candidates who receive successful implantations are able to use stimulation to “switch off” 50% or more of their pain, greatly reducing their risk of opiate addiction and often dramatically improving their quality of life.

Spinal Cord Stimulators Treat Pain from Accidents Caused by Negligent Acts

Spinal cord stimulation is typically used to treat chronic pain from spinal injuries and other conditions that have not responded to other treatments. Several conditions that may be best treated with a spinal cord stimulator are often the result of accidents caused by the negligent actions of other parties. These include workplace accidents, motor vehicle crashes, slips and falls, falls from heights, and other types of accidents.

Getting the insurers of at-fault parties to pay for spinal cord stimulation can be an uphill battle. In many of these situations, when insurance companies deny coverage, patients must prove the severity of their injuries in court before they are able to afford the treatment they need.

Our attorneys are highly skilled trial lawyers and astute negotiators. You can trust that however your case proceeds to resolution, we will knowledgeably and vigorously pursue the outcome you need.

The bottom line is that every accident survivor who might benefit from a spinal cord stimulator should be free to make that decision in concert with their health care provider, without having to worry about how to cover the costs.

Spinal Stimulator Injury Lawyers Answer FAQs

Here are answers to frequent questions about spinal cord stimulators and related claims.

How much does a spinal cord stimulator cost? 

Studies show that the cost of stimulator implantation is well into the tens of thousands of dollars for patients with insurance coverage. Without health insurance, these devices can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase and install. On top of that, there are pricey annual maintenance costs and the potential for additional expenses if there are complications.

What if I cannot pay for the device but need it for my pain?

A spinal stimulator injury attorney from our firm may be able to negotiate with your medical provider to put off collecting these costs until your personal injury case settles. We have been successful doing this in the past, so long as there is an agreement that the cost will be paid out of the settlement.

Can I be hurt by a spinal cord stimulator?

The FDA has very little in the way of testing requirements for devices it deems to be “substantially similar” to those it has already approved. This means that cheaper knockoffs of reputable stimulators can be rushed onto the market with serious flaws. Faulty spinal stimulators have been known to cause uncontrolled electric shocks, burns, infections, nerve damage, and paralysis.

Can I sue if a faulty spinal cord stimulator injured me? 

If you were injured by a faulty spinal stimulator, you could potentially hold the manufacturer liable. You might also have a medical malpractice claim, depending upon all the circumstances. Once we assess your case, we will provide possible options for compensation.

For answers specific to your situation reach out to us directly.

Getting an Adequate Settlement for Chronic Pain Treatment Is Always a Challenge

The main purpose of civil law is to make victims whole again, to the greatest extent possible. So, if your best treatment option is a spinal cord stimulator, and someone else’s negligence is the reason you need treatment in the first place, the negligent party or parties should be expected to cover not only implantation but maintenance for the rest of your life – and all of the pain and suffering you have been through.

However, even though a settlement can and should cover all of your expenses — demonstrating your need for this expensive procedure in court can be a difficult task. Pain is inherently difficult to prove because it’s invisible. Having pain taken seriously and duly addressed is something patients often struggle with even in the privacy of a doctor’s office, where everyone is supposedly working toward the common goal of patient wellness.

When legal proceedings are involved, advocating for your pain becomes even more intimidating and frustrating, because you’re going up against an opposing force, often a wealthy insurance corporation, that is highly motivated to dismiss and discredit your condition.

In addition to reimbursement for whatever care you need to treat your pain, you also deserve compensation for the pain itself, and the effect it has had and may continue to have on your life. This fact further increases the stakes for the party that hurt you.

That’s why it’s so important to have a good lawyer to argue on your behalf and minimize the stress of the process, so you have the space you need to recover now, and the resources you need to make your best possible recovery in the long run.

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