Maintaining Power Lines Is a Matter of Both Workplace and Public Safety

The power grid is a constant presence in most people’s lives, whether or not they’ve ever studied electrical engineering.

Most people, and most companies, know better than to have someone without proper training work directly on electrical systems. Still, even if the only people who ever intentionally touch electrical infrastructure are trained professionals, the rest of us are never far away from it, at home or at work. On top of that, even trained professionals can end up in danger if they’re badly supplied, misinformed, or working on systems with unknown flaws.

Every mistake and bad decision that goes into an electrical system can put an untold number of people in danger, for as long as the system remains in operation.

A Second Person Has Been Seriously Injured in a Powerline Accident in Columbus

A man is currently receiving treatment for second- and third-degree burns after coming in contact with high voltage current from the powerlines on Northside Industrial Blvd.

Officials believe the man worked for Aludyne Foundry, a local facility owned by the international Aludyne company, which constructs lightweight aluminum car parts. It’s not currently clear how the accident occurred, or whether his profession had anything to do with his contact with the power lines.

This was at least the second serious accident involving Columbus’s power lines this year. The other one took place in February, and ended with the death of a 26-year-old professional lineman.

Electricity is a known and predictable danger, and every organization that performs work on or near power lines has a duty to do its part to keep workers and bystanders safe.

This includes:

  • Georgia Power, and the other electric membership corporations that manage the grid.
  • Subcontractor companies hired to work on the power lines.
  • Manufacturers that supply parts and equipment for work on or near power lines.
  • Construction companies, tree trimming services, and other utility companies whose work might interfere with power infrastructure.
  • Private property owners.
  • Cities and other local governments that manage public property.

Because there are so many parties involved in keeping electrical infrastructure running and safe, narrowing down accountability for problems can be tricky. That doesn’t mean it isn’t feasible or worthwhile, however. In fact, when a city is facing recurring, serious accidents, as Columbus seems to be, enforcing accountability is crucial to protecting others in the future.

Claiming Compensation for Electrical Injuries Takes Special Expertise

In addition to the challenge of determining who exactly is responsible for a specific power line accident, electrical injuries can be difficult to explain to a judge or jury.

Most people don’t have a strong understanding of how electrical systems work, so they may not be able to tell when an electrical hazard is abnormal, or whether a particular precaution is reasonable or not.

Electrical injuries also tend to be worse than they look, because much of the damage is internal, affecting the nervous system. Even the tissue burns may start under the skin rather than on the surface.

All of this means that it’s especially important for electrical accident survivors to work with a lawyer who has plenty of experience with this particular type of incident. The Stoddard Firm has experts on electrical injuries, and we specialize in complex cases where the negligent party is not immediately obvious.

If you are the survivor of the accident on Northside Industrial Blvd, or if you have also suffered an electrical accident in Georgia, reach out at any time to learn more about how we can help.

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