MARTA Is Still Liable for Its Past and Ongoing Safety Issues

Last month, we talked about some promising new developments for the safety of MARTA commuters. Following multiple civil suits against MARTA, both OSHA and GDOT are investigating the transit service’s history of accidents and violence, and GDOT is attempting to impose a significant safety overhaul.

However, as we noted then, actual changes have been slow arriving. Past tragedies have not been fully addressed, and in most cases, the issues that allowed them to happen in the first place are still present, continuing to threaten commuters.

There are almost certainly many MARTA victims out there today, with legitimate cases they have not yet chosen to pursue. And sadly, there may be many more before MARTA’s safety shortcomings are truly resolved.

Three More People Have Been Killed at MARTA Train Stations in May

Two of the most recent incidents were shootings, just a few days apart, seemingly arising from personal altercations.

First, on the evening of May 5th, a fight broke out at the Garnett Station turnstile. Both people involved stepped out of the station onto Peachtree, where one fatally shot the other.

Three nights later, at Ashby Station, another argument ended with another shooting, and another death.

In both instances, the shooter left without being identified. Police are still searching for the Garnett Station shooter, and they have closed the Ashby Station case as self-defense. So far, reports don’t mention how long it took MARTA’s own police force to respond to the disturbances. Clearly, more security is necessary in some form to keep MARTA commuters safe from this pattern of violence, without them needing to take matters into their own hands.

May’s third death took a form that’s sadly even more familiar in MARTA train stations. On the morning of the 29th, a train struck a person on the northbound tracks of East Point Station. How exactly this particular victim ended up on the train tracks has yet to be determined, but deaths very much like this one have happened over and over again, apparently due to accidents on the unguarded train platforms.

The Stoddard Firm Is Helping Survivors and Families Claim the Compensation They Deserve

The benefits of pursuing a civil suit against an organization like MARTA are twofold. Firstly, of course, plaintiffs can collect compensation for their pain, medical expenses, lost income, lost time with loved ones, and other negative consequences of MARTA’s negligence. While this isn’t the same as undoing an accident or attack, it does make the recovery process much easier and less stressful.

Secondly, just as civil litigation drew attention to MARTA’s safety problems, it can also help keep up the pressure and the scrutiny, to make sure this moment doesn’t pass without real follow-through.

The Stoddard Firm represents personal injury victims and brings wrongful death cases against MARTA for both these reasons. We’re passionate about helping our clients meet their goals for personal compensation, while fighting for a safer world for others.

We’re currently engaged in MARTA lawsuits, concerning inadequate station security and train accidents, and we’re always glad to help new clients searching for justice. If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to the violence and accidents at MARTA stations, feel free to reach out to us at any time for a free consultation.

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