Most Common Types of TBIs Caused by Car Accidents

The visible injuries from a car accident typically receive immediate medical care to protect from further injury. However, the invisible injuries require as much, if not more, attention to prevent future adverse health outcomes. Protecting from long-term damage due to traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a car accident is critical.

Recognizing the common types of TBIs caused by injuries in a car accident in Georgia provides an awareness of the potential severity of these injuries and the need for immediate treatment. Protect against medical debt and provide for the future care you may need following an Atlanta car accident by speaking with The Stoddard Firm about your injuries.

How We Can Help

If you have been in a car accident, you need a team of Atlanta traumatic brain injury lawyers who will take your injuries seriously. The Stoddard Firm will tirelessly work to:

  • Thoroughly document your injuries through recommended medical protocols
  • Provide a comprehensive evaluation to account for current and future medical needs
  • Build a strong case on the damages you have suffered to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company
  • Consult with medical practitioners and expert witnesses to build a compelling case when going to court is necessary to secure the compensation you deserve.

Head trauma resulting from a car accident can produce a TBI without your knowing it. Connecting your injuries to a car accident is vital. An experienced team will walk with you in the critical days and weeks following a car accident to help protect you against financial hardship and medical debt.

Why Choose Our Georgia Brain Injury Attorneys

The Stoddard Firm remains focused on our ability to work effectively for our clients. You are more than a client to quickly assist before moving on to the next case. A small caseload allows us to:

  • Focus extensively on the facts in your case with ample resources to target your needs
  • Invest time and financial resources into your representation
  • Confidently represent your case in court.

Your compensation is directly impacted by the damages you have suffered. These results do not indicate an amount your case may result in, but they represent our team’s winning formula to work effectively for our clients.

Car accidents often cause head trauma leading to brain injuries

Car accidents can cause extensive head and brain injuries. Recent data from the Georgia Brain and Spinal Injury Registry demonstrates the prevalence of TBI in Georgia injuries occurring annually:

  • 29,924 TBIs were recorded in Georgia.
  • 21,026 TBIs resulted in emergency medical care.

The Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission reported that TBI resulted in $1.5 billion in annual lost wages and medical costs. In the United States, 20% of TBIs result from motor vehicle crashes. Be aware of these common traumatic brain injuries if you are injured in a car accident in Georgia.


One of the most common TBIs occurring in car accidents is concussions, which generally produce no visible injuries. Concussions are rarely life-threatening, leading to their being referred to as mild brain injuries by physicians. However, a concussion’s effects may be severe.

Failing to monitor a car accident victim’s health following an accident can lead to missed signs of a concussion, prolonging necessary treatment.

Brain Contusion

Bruising to the brain’s tissue can also result from a car accident injury, causing blood to pool in regions of the brain, leaking from the blood vessels. A bruise, or contusion, to the brain’s healthy tissue results in pressure and swelling in the brain. Skull fractures and blood clots may accompany this type of traumatic brain injury.

Coup-Contrecoup Injury

The French term “contrecoup” means counterblow. A coup-contrecoup injury amounts to two injuries to the brain, occurring on opposite sides. A coup lesion appears at the impact site, while a contrecoup lesion occurs opposite the original injury site and is often more severe than the original impact injury.

Managing the injury is critical to prevent devastating outcomes, such as coma or death. The extent of the injury is dependent upon its severity and the portion of the brain affected.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

The brain’s shifting and rotating inside of the skull as a result of a car accident injury may lead to the brain’s connecting nerve fibers’ being torn or sheared. A diffuse axonal injury (DAI) often leads to coma or multiple injuries to various parts of the brain. These microscopic tears can be challenging to detect even through brain MRI and CT scans. DAIs interrupt the chemical and communication processes of the brain, making thinking skills, memory retention, or learning new information challenging.

Epidural Hematoma

Left untreated, epidural hematoma (EDH) may be life-threatening, causing brain damage or death without the appropriate medical care. Up to 15% of epidural hematoma sufferers die as a result of their injuries. An EDH is blood collected between the skull and the outermost, thickest membrane covering the brain.

Failing to treat an EDH may also lead to coma, respiratory problems, brain function loss, and seizures. Ongoing treatment may result in lasting financial challenges due to costly treatment.

Subdural Hematoma

Blood building on the surface of the brain and between the protective layers surrounding the brain results in a subdural hematoma. The buildup of blood can lead to brain pressure and tissue damage. A subdural hematoma often results from traumatic brain injury and may appear immediately or develop over the weeks following an injury, making it difficult to associate the injury with the car accident.

Treating TBIs Following a Car Accident

Any traumatic brain injury should be treated immediately. An absence of symptoms does not mean there are no severe injuries. Death from traumatic brain injury is a significant possibility when these injuries are left untreated. Our team of Atlanta wrongful death attorneys can compassionately help you navigate these tragic events while relentlessly pursuing your case.

Your ability to receive compensation can be significantly impaired by waiting to seek legal guidance. While you focus on recovery, let us take up the legal fight. Schedule a free consultation online or call 470-467-2200 to speak with an Atlanta car accident attorney at The Stoddard Firm today.

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