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If you live in Georgia, seeing the brown United Parcel Service (UPS) delivery trucks on the roads has likely become familiar. Originally known as the American Messenger Company, the organization began their operations as UPS in 1925.  With the advent and growth in popularity of e-commerce, it’s not surprising that UPS trucks travel our roadways constantly.

For most, the sight of the UPS truck is pleasant. Perhaps the items you ordered online are being delivered, or maybe someone sent a gift. Unfortunately, while for many of us the presence of a UPS truck is a good thing, for others it means misfortune.

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UPS trucks are involved in a significant number of accidents each year.

Because of the size of these vehicles, injuries can be serious and damages substantial. If your accident was the result of negligence by the UPS driver or company, you may be entitled to a settlement through a personal injury lawsuit.

At The Stoddard Firm, our personal injury lawyers know how to handle cases like this. We appreciate the trauma you have experienced and know what to do to help prove negligence and maximize your settlement.  Reach out to our seasoned personal injury lawyers today at 470-467-2200. We are ready to learn more about the specifics of your accident and share how we can best support you.

Why Choose the Stoddard Firm to Help You

We Provide the Skilled and Experienced Representation That Makes a Difference

Choosing the right truck accident lawyer in Atlanta to handle your case is an important step on the road to maximizing your compensation. Working with a firm experienced in handling accidents just like yours is critical.

If you are looking for the best firm to represent you in your UPS accident case, consider The Stoddard Firm. Our knowledge of the law, specific experience, and attention to detail position us well.  Consider what we can bring to you.

  • In-depth Knowledge of Personal Injury Law: Led by Matt Stoddard , our firm is well-versed in the specifics of personal injury law.  We know how to prove negligence against UPS and its drivers, and are well-known for providing our clients the hands-on personal service they need during this stressful time in their lives.
  • Experienced in Investigating, Negotiating, and Litigating UPS Accident Cases:  Representing individuals in their cases against large organizations that own trucks can be challenging. You can rest assured that UPS and their drivers will have a team of skilled attorneys on their side. When you engage The Stoddard Firm, so will you.  We know how to investigate UPS truck accidents to determine exactly who was responsible for your collision and injuries. We understand the regulations for trucking companies and can leverage this experience to negotiate skillfully and litigate aggressively on your behalf.  Finally, as a result of our experience, we know the local UPS companies and attorneys; we understand what to expect and know how to respond.
  • Hands-on, Personal Service: When filing suit against UPS, a lot is at stake.  The compensation you are requesting is necessary to reimburse you for your medical bills and compensate you for lost wages and pain and suffering.  We know the legal process is a lot to handle emotionally. Our team has a reputation for providing compassionate and responsive service. You can rely on us to manage your case and keep you informed of our progress.

If you have been injured in an accident with a UPS truck, reach out to our team today. We look forward to advocating on your behalf.

How the Stoddard Firm Can Help with Your UPS Truck Accident

We Know How to Manage Cases Like Yours

Accidents with UPS delivery trucks are commonplace and incredibly dangerous. UPS vehicles are significantly larger than passenger cars, so these collisions are traumatic and the resulting damages and injuries can be considerable.  Proceeding with legal action is overwhelming, especially if you are recovering from injuries and trying to manage your life. The legal process can be complicated; embarking on a personal injury lawsuit alone is not something you should do.

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At The Stoddard Firm, we pride ourselves on managing all aspects of your case, from beginning to end.

Our seasoned Atlanta personal injury attorneys will leverage their knowledge and experience on your behalf. You can focus on your recover and rely on us to:

  • Conduct a thorough Investigation
  • Complete and file all legal documentation in accordance with the statute of limitations
  • Calculate your damages, making sure to pay attention to long-term issues that could require costly care
  • Manage all communications with UPS representatives and insurance companies
  • Negotiate a settlement, on your behalf
  • Represent you in court, if necessary.

We understand how to handle UPS truck accident cases.  You can rest assured that we will leverage the full resources of our firm with a goal toward maximizing your settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accidents with UPS Trucks

Our Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys Address Your Concerns

If you have been involved in an accident with a UPS truck, you likely have a lot of questions. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be confusing — there is a lot to manage.  While the answer to many of your questions will likely depend upon the particulars of your accident, there are several more generic questions which many of our clients have in common.  We have shared those and our United Parcel Service accident lawyer’s responses below.

Who can I sue if a UPS truck hit me?

Your UPS accident attorney will review the facts of your case and help to identify all liable parties.  Depending upon what happened, you may be able to file suit against the UPS driver and the company.

How long do I have to file my lawsuit for my UPS accident?

Personal injury law in Georgia, under which your suit would fall, has a statute of limitations that is typically two years from the date of your accident although the timeline can be longer or shorter depending on your particular circumstances.  You will want to act quickly to ensure your UPS accident attorney has enough time to investigate and build your case.  Additionally, there are some exceptions to this time frame that your lawyer can tell you about.

I have been contacted by a UPS representative; what should I do?

Immediately refer that individual, and anyone else who contacts you (like insurance company representatives) to your UPS accident lawyers. They know how to handle all communications appropriately, without jeopardizing your case.

My loved one was killed in a collision with a UPS delivery truck. What should I do?

Depending upon your relationship, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Individuals entitled to do so under the law include the deceased’s spouse, children, and parents.  The Stoddard Firm’s wrongful death lawyer can explain how to proceed.

We appreciate that these questions may be just the tip of the iceberg.  Contact our United Parcel Service accident lawyer today at 470-467-2200 to schedule a free consultation. During this meeting we will gain a better understanding of your personal situation and provide answers to your more specific questions.

Understanding United Parcel Service Accidents

Causes of UPS Truck Accidents

Just like any other vehicular accident, collisions involving UPS trucks can be caused by a host of issues. In some cases, driver negligence is the cause of the crash, while in other instances, the fault would lie with UPS corporate.

Driver negligence may include failure to obey traffic laws, distracted driving, driving under the influence, and driving hours in excess of what is allowed (UPS drivers’ time on the road is regulated).   On the other hand, accidents can also be caused by the UPS management’s failing to act appropriately. They are required to train their drivers (who must be licensed), inspect and maintain their vehicles, load trucks properly, and manage their driver’s workloads. Failure to do any of these tasks can lead to an accident.  If this happens, the company can be held liable.

Damages for UPS Truck Accidents

Damages for personal injury lawsuits in Georgia are segmented into three areas: economic, non-economic, and punitive.

Economic damages are those that are easily quantifiable. They include such things as medical bills (hospital costs, emergency transport, medication, rehabilitation, and even long-term care), lost wages, lost future wages, and property damages (to your vehicle or items that may have been damaged in the crash, such as a laptop).

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Non-economic damages are more intangible, but just as real.

They include pain and suffering, disfigurement and loss of consortium.

Finally, punitive damages are less frequently awarded as they are appropriate only in situations where the negligence was particularly heinous or purposeful.  At The Stoddard Firm, we understand the types of cases where punitive damages may come into play. We will carefully review all aspects of your case to determine if it qualifies.

In addition to helping you identify your damages, our team is skilled at substantiating them. In fact, we have access to expert witnesses if need be. We pay attention to the smallest details when reviewing your case to ensure that nothing is overlooked.  Our ultimate goal is to minimize your stress while maximizing your settlement.

What to Do If You Are in an Accident with a UPS Truck

While there may have been nothing you could have done to avoid your accident with a UPS truck, your actions post-accident can have a very real impact on your case.  This is where controlling what you can may be helpful.  You should:

  • Call the Police: You want to make sure to have the authorities come out to the accident scene as the report they complete may be valuable evidence.
  • Seek Medical Attention: If necessary, accept emergency transport to a hospital. If you do not believe this is necessary you should still visit your doctor as soon as possible after the accident. Your medical records are key to proving injury.
  • Gather Evidence: Some of the most valuable evidence will be available immediately after your crash.  Photos and videos of the scene and the UPS truck are important.  If you are able to take these yourself, please do. If not, you can ask a family member or bystander to do so on your behalf.  You will also want to gather the names and telephone number of those who saw the accident occur. Their testimony may be needed as the case proceeds.
  • Engage a United Parcel Service Accident Lawyer: Ensuring you are represented by a professional who understands the intricacies associated with UPS truck accidents is critical. You want to put yourself in the best possible position to secure an appropriate settlement.  This professional will know how to handle your case. You should refer all contacts from UPS representatives, their attorneys, or insurance agents to your lawyer.

These simple actions can prove incredibly valuable when it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Get the Help You Need to Move Forward

Contact the United Parcel Service Accident Lawyer at The Stoddard Firm Today

Not all truck accidents are the same. If you have been injured in an accident with a UPS truck the advice and counsel of a personal injury attorney who is experienced in handling cases of that type is important. At The Stoddard Firm we know how UPS operates in cases of vehicular accidents and are well-positioned to represent you.

In every case we accept, we commit to providing our clients high quality and responsive service. We manage our caseload intentionally so we are able to give each client our full attention.

Reach out to us today at 470-467-2200 to schedule a free consultation.  Let us learn more about your experience and share how we believe we can make a tangible difference.  We appreciate that you are anxious and concerned and are available to meet with you immediately.

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