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we hold landlords who ignore fire safety legally accountable

Fires can cause immeasurable harm and heartache to apartment residents. Many of these fires are preventable, but they happen because investing in fire safety isn’t always a priority for many of the corporate interests that own apartment complexes in Georgia.

At The Stoddard Firm in Atlanta, we are committed to holding negligent landlords accountable. We help tenants who’ve been injured or lost family members in apartment and mobile home park fires get the compensation they need to put their lives back together.

Turn to us to learn what a personal injury lawyer from our firm may be able to do for you.

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Why You Should Select the Stoddard Firm

We Are Highly Experienced in Resolving Residential Fire Cases

The impact of a fire is far-reaching. In addition to your serious injuries, your home and your possessions may have been destroyed. While some apartment fires are accidental, others are due to the negligent actions or inactions of property owners and managers. If this is the case in your situation, you can hold your landlord liable for your losses.

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We have experience proving the severity of our clients’ injuries, demonstrating how they were caused by the fires in question, and establishing what landlords could and should have done to prevent them.

Our apartment fire injury attorneys:

  • Have extensive background helping injury victims: Led by Matthew Stoddard, our firm has negotiated and litigated countless premises liability cases, many dealing with apartment fires.
  • Provide a personalized approach: We tailor how we handle each case to the specific facts, situation, and needs of the client.
  • Focus on winning: Our case results exemplify our commitment to achieving maximum compensation in injury cases.

Nothing speaks more strongly of the high-quality representation we deliver than our client testimonials. We look forward to learning how we can serve you.

What Our Apartment Fire Attorney Can Do for You

Handle Your Case from Beginning to End

Undertaking a lawsuit is overwhelming when you are injured and simply don’t have the knowledge to manage the multi-step legal process. Your attention should be on recuperating, not on fighting with the landlord’s insurers and lawyers.

When you engage us to handle your apartment fire injury lawsuit, you can trust that the process will be handled effectively from start to finish. We will:

  • Complete a thorough investigation of the evidence
  • File all paperwork and manage all administrative tasks
  • Calculate your current and future losses due to the fire
  • Leverage our experience to show the required factors in proving negligence: duty, breach, causation, and damages
  • Pursue a fair settlement with the landlord’s insurer
  • Advocate for you in court if a settlement cannot be reached.

Working with us means that you have the time to focus your energy where it is most needed: on your recovery, your family, and your home. Take care of yourself and let us handle the rest.

Apartment Fire Injury Attorney Answers FAQs

Following are answers to common questions we get about apartment fire claims.

How long after the fire do I have to file a lawsuit?

In most personal injury cases, lawsuits must be filed within two years from the date of the incident. The statute of limitations for property damage, however, is four years. There may be exceptions. Speak with an attorney to get specific deadlines for your case.

What damages can I sue for?

Examples of damages include medical expenses, lost wages, damaged property, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. You could also potentially claim punitive damages if negligence was egregious.

Can I still sue my landlord if the fire was due to arson?

Depending upon the circumstances, your landlord may still be held responsible. Landlords are required to put reasonable safety measures in place to protect tenants from criminal threats. Buildings must also be designed to impede the spread of fire from one unit to another.

A family member was killed in an apartment fire—what can I do?

You may have cause to file a wrongful death lawsuit against your landlord. Our wrongful death lawyer can review the evidence and let you know if this is a possibility.

These are broad answers and every case has unique facts and intricacies. We can address your specific concerns when we speak with you.

Top Causes of Residential Fires

The National Fire Protection Association recognizes five top causes of home structure fires:

  • Cooking accidents
  • Heating equipment malfunctions
  • Electrical distribution and lighting equipment issues
  • Intentional fire setting
  • Smoking materials.

While fires are not always caused by building or equipment hazards, several of these types of ignitions can be caused by poor maintenance or defective equipment.

Landlords Must Take Fire Safety Precautions

Failure to address a predictable safety hazard counts as negligence on a landlord’s part.

Some of the most basic fire safety measures mandated by the International Building Code and  International Fire Code, which Georgia honors, include:

  • A smoke detector in every bedroom, along with a carbon monoxide detector if the unit uses fuel-burning appliances
  • Regularly spaced fire extinguishers
  • Unobstructed escape routes from every unit
  • Emergency lighting along these escape routes, with an independent backup power supply.

The codes also heavily regulate electrical systems, the fire resistance level of a structure’s building materials, and many other details that are almost impossible for a layperson to verify.

Atlanta Injury Lawyer

Just because a building doesn’t look like a firetrap, this doesn’t mean corners haven’t been cut that could lead to tragedy.

It’s always best to wait for a full investigation before assuming that a fire was due to pure resident carelessness or “nobody’s fault.”

Get Help from Our Atlanta Attorneys for Apartment Fire Injuries

You shouldn’t wait to speak with an attorney if you have suffered injuries in an apartment fire and are considering a legal claim. The ability to obtain accurate information is significantly greater when we can investigate immediately.

We can help you understand whether you have a strong case and, if so, assist you with the steps forward. Call us at 470-467-2200 or reach out online for a free consultation.

Attorney Matt Stoddard

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Matt StoddardMatt Stoddard is a professional, hardworking, ethical advocate. He routinely faces some of the nation’s largest companies and some of the world’s largest insurers – opponents who have virtually unlimited resources. In these circumstances, Mr. Stoddard is comfortable. Mr. Stoddard provides his strongest efforts to his clients, and he devotes the firm’s significant financial resources to presenting the strongest case possible on their behalf. Matt understands that his clients must put their trust in him. That trust creates an obligation for Matt to work tirelessly on their behalf, and Matt Stoddard does not take that obligation lightly. [ Attorney Bio ]

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