If you or someone you love has suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, then you know the hazards it poses. This gas is invisible, odorless, and present wherever carbon-based fuels are burned — and it is incredibly dangerous.

Unfortunately, carbon monoxide poisoning occurs suddenly, and the effects are often devastating.

Gasoline, kerosene, natural gas, charcoal, and even wood fires all release carbon monoxide (or CO). Once in the air, it gives no warning, and only a small amount is necessary to cause permanent, life-altering damage or death.

Wherever people are performing ordinary activities like cooking, driving, bathing, or keeping warm, a small malfunction or inadequate ventilation can have immediate and tragic results. Sadly, incidences of carbon monoxide poisoning are not uncommon.

If the carbon monoxide to which you or your loved one was exposed was released due to the negligence of another organization or individual, you might be eligible for compensation. The carbon monoxide poisoning attorney at The Stoddard Firm can review the circumstances surrounding your incident and let you know if you have a viable case.

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Why Choose The Stoddard Firm?

Commitment, Experience and Approach Matter

The injuries resulting from carbon monoxide poisoning and their associated costs can impact how you live your life and what your financial future will be. Selecting the best firm with which to work is an important decision.

You want to engage professionals committed to helping you, who have exceptional experience and an approach geared to your needs. The Stoddard Firm’s carbon monoxide lawyer, Matt Stoddard, founded our firm, leads our injury and premises liability practices and developed our hands-on approach.

Our Firm is:

  • Experienced: Under the direction of Matt Stoddard, we have years of hands-on experience serving the people of Atlanta in a broad range of premises liability and personal injury lawsuits, including those involving carbon monoxide poisoning. We know Georgia law. Combine that with our knowledge of the local court system, and we are well-situated to represent you.
  • Dedicated to Top-Notch Client Service: A carbon monoxide poisoning is incredibly traumatic, and knowing how to move forward is confusing at best. Our attorneys understand, from experience, just how difficult your recovery can be. When you combine the stress you are feeling with the complex legal process you must enter, it is not surprising that you are overwhelmed. Our empathetic carbon monoxide lawyer works closely with our clients, proactively addressing their concerns and responding to their questions. We manage the legal process from beginning to end. Our reputation for client satisfaction is stellar.
  • Successful: Our winning record speaks for itself. By leveraging our outstanding knowledge with skillful negotiating and aggressive litigating, we can maximize settlements on behalf of our clients, getting them the compensation they need to move forward with their lives.

The Stoddard Firm is the best firm for you. We adopt your goals as our own and put all of the resources of our firm to work to help win your case.

What We Can Do For You

Handling Your Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawsuit

As a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning, there is no doubt that your life is difficult.

Accidents happen, but if your event was the result of the negligent actions or inactions of another, you may be entitled to compensation.

The road to a settlement can be long, winding and complicated. Combine the stress of navigating the legal process with the exhaustion of recovering from your experience and there is no doubt that you need help.

This is where we add value. Our team will manage your carbon monoxide poisoning lawsuit from start to finish. We are ready to begin work for you immediately. We will:

  • Manage and file all legal paperwork
  • Communicate on your behalf, handling your mountain of medical bills and interactions with insurance company representatives
  • Investigate your accident
  • Gather evidence
  • Interview witnesses
  • Negotiate and litigate, if necessary, on your behalf

We do it all so you can focus your energy and efforts on your recovery. We encourage our prospective clients to reach out to us as soon as possible. It is easier to uncover evidence and find witnesses when we can get to work quickly after your accident. Time is an important commodity that we aim to leverage on your behalf.

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Carbon Monoxide: Common Causes of Carbon Monoxide Inhalation

Chances are that you have at least a few CO sources in or near your apartment or home. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identifies some of the most common poisoning culprits as:

  • Space heaters
  • Chimneys
  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Gas stoves
  • Generators
  • Cars (in attached garages).

During day-to-day life, you probably only think about whether or not these items are working. If the heat, gas, electricity, or hot water suddenly dies on you, fixing them might be a matter of a simple phone call. Depending on how responsive your landlord is, It might also turn into a drawn-out battle, but at least you know there’s a problem to be fixed.

According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include:

  • Dull headache
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Confusion
  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of consciousness.

Part of what makes carbon monoxide poisoning so dangerous is how easily its early symptoms can be mistaken for something else, like the flu. The CDC recognizes those most vulnerable to CO poisoning are infants, the elderly, and people suffering from anemia, chronic heart disease, or respiratory problems. However, even the healthiest adult can quickly build up a fatal dose in an enclosed space.

People who are asleep when a leak starts often die without being wakened by symptoms.

For survivors of acute or even moderate carbon monoxide poisoning, long-term neurological complications are common and include:

  • Personality changes
  • Intellectual impairment
  • Blindness
  • Deafness.

If exposure occurs during pregnancy, the fetus also has an elevated risk of death or cerebral palsy — a permanent neurological condition that can greatly impact quality of life. The medical costs associated with all of these issues are significant and life changing.

Our Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyer Understands Liability

Apartment Complexes and Hotels Have a Duty to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Inhalation

As documented by the National Conference of State Legislature (NCSL), as of 2018 37 states require all residential buildings with attached garages or fossil fuel-burning appliances to be equipped with a carbon monoxide alarm in each living space. And, as of 2019, carbon monoxide detectors are also required in hotels and motels in 14 states.

Suppose you live in a state where alarms are required. In that case your landlord is legally obligated to provide an approved CO detector, as well as regular inspections to ensure it is functioning properly.

Even if your state does not require property owners to install and maintain CO detectors, your landlord is still responsible for providing habitable conditions to all tenants. This includes providing you with essentials like heat, hot water, and cooking facilities, and ensuring that these systems remain in good, safe, working order. Allowing a CO poisoning to occur is a serious failure in this duty.

For apartment dwellers and frequent travelers, the danger is even harder to avoid. Instead of scheduling your own repairs and inspections, you’re dependent on the owner of your apartment building or the hotels you visit to make sure these crucial tasks are done.

It may seem like a small comfort when you’re faced with the catastrophic aftermath of CO poisoning, but you should know that the law is on your side, and so are the passionate professionals at The Stoddard Firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Attorneys Address Your Most Common Concerns

Managing the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning and embarking on a lawsuit simultaneously is a lot to handle. Those who find themselves in this position have a host of questions, many of which are similar from case to case. We have shared these below, as well as our carbon monoxide attorney’s responses.

What type of damages can my carbon monoxide lawyer help me receive?

The exact damages will depend upon the circumstances of your case. In Georgia, victims of carbon monoxide poisoning may be awarded economic damages (for medical expenses and lost wages) and non-economic damages (for pain and suffering and emotional trauma). And, in rare cases punitive damages may also be levied.

Is there a time limit for filing my case?

Yes, in most instances the statute of limitations is two years from the date of the incident. Thus, time is of the essence. Contact our carbon monoxide poisoning attorney as quickly as possible to begin to work on your case.

Who can be held liable in my carbon monoxide poisoning lawsuit?

Depending upon the circumstances, you would file either a premises liability case or a personal injury case (under product liability laws). Those responsible could be your landlord, a hotel, the product manufacturer or the individual who installed the product if it was done incorrectly. Your carbon monoxide attorney can counsel you regarding your best options.

What does my carbon monoxide lawyer have to prove?

As your attorney, we would need to prove that negligent actions or inactions were responsible for your carbon monoxide poisoning. According to Georgia Code § 51-3-1 , property owners are responsible for the safety of visitors.

Do I need a carbon monoxide lawyer to handle my case?

Engaging an experienced and reputable carbon monoxide poisoning lawyer in Atlanta is in your best interests. Premises and product liability laws are complex, and the legal process has numerous requirements that must be met. A seasoned professional can help you navigate the process and maximize your settlement.

We hope the above information sheds some light on carbon monoxide poisoning lawsuits. That said, it is likely you have many more questions about your own situation.

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What to Do If You’ve Been Exposed to Carbon Monoxide

Seek Help Immediately

Suppose you believe that you or your loved ones have been exposed to dangerous carbon monoxide levels. In that case, the first step is to reach a well-ventilated area and seek immediate medical attention. It’s important to realize, however, that just because you’ve left the contaminated area doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of the woods.

It may take days or even years to determine what the long-term effects on your family will be.

Our Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyer Suggests You Begin Repairs Right Away

Addressing a carbon monoxide issue immediately is critical. The only real way to stay safe from carbon monoxide poisoning is through regular, preventative maintenance of all fuel-burning appliances, ventilation systems, and carbon monoxide alarms. Unfortunately, this means that whether your landlord is on top of things has a huge impact on your safety.

If any of your appliances begin leaking carbon monoxide or if vents become blocked, you may not know there’s an issue until it’s too late. Being forced to improvise your own alternatives due to delayed repairs, such as bringing in outside heating devices, can also put you at increased risk of poisoning.

The consequences of a single poisoning incident may be with you for the rest of your life, or the rest of your children’s lives. There may be a need for costly ongoing medical care. Survivors may encounter limited career options, or even a loss of independence.

Contact Our Atlanta Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyers Today

Nothing can erase the damage that carbon monoxide poisoning causes; but if you or your loved ones have been exposed due to landlord negligence or product malfunction, you have the right to compensation. More importantly, you deserve support that won’t run out just as you’re beginning to realize the scope of the help you need. Turn to a skilled, compassionate Georgia premises liability attorney for help.

At the Stoddard Firm, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure you and your loved ones are properly looked after. Give call us at 470-467-2200 for a free consultation on your unique situation and what we can do to help.

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